Here’s some crazy exciting news for all you Rihanna fans out there: It looks like she’s been shooting something super top secret in Paris today (Dec. 18). Check out the Vine above -- it's from a Rihanna fan who was apparently at the filming and shows her running toward a huge mob of fans. What?!

The details are pretty scarce at the moment — all we really know is that she was filming something at the Trocadero Gardens that, according to Direct Lyrics, could possibly be a promo video for her upcoming album. The video apparently has something to do with Rihanna and a huge crowd of fans, all of whom were apparently screened and chosen via social media to partake in the event by Rihanna's team. Talk about secrecy!

Marc Piasecki, Getty Images

Apparently the actual shoot wasn’t very long, and Rihanna had to travel through the massive crowd by sitting atop the shoulders of her bodyguard. You can check out a photo of that above. Thankfully, some images of the Bajan beauty and her mysterious video shoot do exist, or else who knows when we would have found out about it!

What do you guys think? Is Rihanna shooting something for her upcoming album? We seriously can't wait to find out what this was all about, but until then we'll just keep watching that Vine of Rihanna running into the arms of a fan over and over again.

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