Rihanna's collaboration with Calvin Harris, 'We Found Love,' is already a massive hit. With its infectious hook and killer beat, it's pretty close to pop perfection -- but perfection gets boring after a while. That's when Flo Rida comes in. The fast-paced rapper injected his signature Flo onto a remix of the chart topping track.

Flo introduces himself in the opening notes, rapping tongue twisters about Rihanna and the Bahamas. Given Flo Rida's biggest hits are club bangers and collaborations (see 'Right Round' with then-unknown Kesha, 'Where My Girls At' and 'Club Can't Handle Me' with David Guetta), he fits in with the track well. He ends a rapid paced rap with, "Yeah, she'll tell you what the color was." And she does -- the digital sales queen takes the reins again, singing of her "yellow diamonds in the light."

He returns after each verse's chorus, referencing Rihanna's home turf of Barbados, Ludacris' 'My Chick Bad' and Mick Jagger in another seamless flow. Because the tune is so in tune with Flo's typical style, if you'd never heard the original 'We Found Love,' it would be easy to mistake this for it.

This remix comes hot on the heels of RiRi's rumored collaboration with Kanye West on a 'Talk That Talk' remix. Rihanna's next single is the original 'Talk That Talk,' which features Rhi's longtime mentor Jay-Z. With collaborations like these, it's no wonder why Rihanna is the digital sales queen -- we can't get her hits out of our heads!

Listen to Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris and Flo Rida, 'We Found Love' Remix