Maybe Rihanna's 'You Da One' is a love song to herself. Judging from the song's official video, it is, since RiRi can't keep her hands to herself. The black and white video features the newly blond singer cavorting in an array of black and white outfits, dancing, smiling, giggling and grabbing her crotch with a great degree of regularity.

RiRi is fashion forward in black leather trousers with suspenders, a black hat, fishnets, boots, a furry coat and more. She also rocks a bob with bangs, a bowl cut and her signature pixie, all of which come in a white blond hue. When she is frolicking in a black and white checkered room, it distorts your equilibrium a little. There's a stylistic hint of 'A Clockwork Orange' and the carnival in this clip, too.

Again, there is plenty of crotch grabbing. Remember, Ri did tell Ellen on her namesake show that being single is not good for 'her' in reference to her nether regions, so RiRi is taking good care of herself and on camera, for all the world to see. She looks like an exotic dancer in some scenes, thanks to the moves she busts and her overly sexy attire. But whereas Ri is usually overtly sexual, this clip tones it down a tad, relatively speaking!

The lyrics pop up on screen throughout, so it feels like a combo of actual video and lyric video. But the fact that the singer repeatedly touches her self suggestively makes us think that 'You Da One' is truly about loving and taking care of yourself.

Watch the Rihanna 'You Da One' Video