Are we hearing what we think we're hearing? A happy, romantically satisfied Rihanna? Yes, that's definitely what we're hearing on her new single 'You Da One' which dropped this morning. The song kick starts 'Talk That Talk,' which hist stores on Nov. 2. It is upbeat, warm and inviting, just like the island of Barbados where RiRi grew up.

RiRi is once again dipping into the reggae, tropical and percussive sound that she demonstrated on 'Loud' with 'Cheers (Drink to That)' and 'Man Down.' Her vocals have a reggae cadence throughout the song, with the chorus of 'My love is your love / Your love is my love' taking up residence in your skull immediately. Give it a mortgage, since it's moving in permanently. The song will stick in your head. All. Day. Long.

Producer Dr. Luke pumps a dubstep beat into the song, while RiRi coos, "You da one I dream about all day / You da one / I think about always," another part of the chorus which also embeds itself into your cranium. There's no shaking it.

While Rihanna's real-life relationships tend to go down in flames, she's enjoying herself in the space of the song, celebrating a sweet, reciprocal and life-changing relationship. She even sings, "You know how to love me hard / I won't lie I'm falling hard for ya / But there's nothing wrong with that." It's as though she's giving into the emotion. She's lifted her guard and is open and accepting to love.

It's a lyrically softer side of RiRi and that, combined with the island-inspired sonics, you will smile while singing along.

RiRi has another hit on her hands. Yeah, we said it. Now leave us alone while we sit at our desks and crank this repeatedly, while singing 'You da one / That I dream about all day."

Listen to Rihanna 'You Da One'