Kris Jenner's solitary, ever-elusive son Rob may be slowly turning into the most interesting Kardashian over his semi-forbidden romance with Blac Chyna, but don't expect the Arthur George sock designer to cash in on his renewed fame by turning his impending nuptials into a televised event à la big sister Kim.

The camera-shy Kardashian, who has been notably out for the count for the past few seasons of E!'s hit reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, was caught up with by TMZ after landing at LAX on April 18. He and Chyna, back from a publicity trip to NYC, were asked about their confirmed engagement and whether or not they would televise their upcoming wedding — to which Rob went all Meghan Trainor: "No, no, no."

"If you televise your wedding, it's gonna be the biggest TV spectacular ever!" claims the upbeat TMZ cameraman, prompting this accurate response from a laughing Rob: "Ya'll are crazy."

The reporter continues, asking the question once more, with the friendly Kadashians star replying, "I really just try to be happy, that's all."

The persistent cameraman tries again: "You're not televising it at all?"

"No," Kardashian declares, somewhat more firmly. "The answer's 'no' to everything... Not televising anything."

Watch the exchange below:

Of course, only time will tell if Kardashian, whose engagement to the model/eyelash guru was made public on Chyna's Instagram on April 5 and who will be returning to his family's show during Season 12 airing May 2016, will be able to resist all the offers that will likely be made for the couple to feature their eventual nuptials on TV. It is a family tradition, after all.

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