Poor Katy Perry. After news broke that her relationship with John Mayer has ended for the second time, her ex-husband, comedian Russell Brand, who has always been so positive and often speaks warmly about his former missus, added insult to injury by saying that the marriage was "a drag." Ouch.

This comes along at the same time as a blind item that suggests that Mayer, a former serial cad, may be trying to win the 'Wide Awake' singer back despite being overrun with a serious drinking problem.

First, the Russell diss. The actor and funnyman talked about his and Perry's safari-themed wedding in India.

He said, "That marriage was shaky from the get-go, before I'd even got off the elephant. It was a drag, man. Let me tell you a thing about marriage. Marriage is a bond that can last up to 14 months. It's a sacred, 14-month agreement. Begins on an elephant -- ends in a newspaper."

Yikes. Brand was making fun of the ceremony and the fact that the commitment was so quickly dissolved, making the union anything but sacred. When his comments sparked some laughter, he responded, "Don't cackle, I tried my hardest."

This all could have been in jest, considering how fondly Brand has spoken about his ex-wife, especially on 'The Howard Stern Show.'

Joke or not, this slap in the face comes hot on the heels of the "Katy and John have split again" news. While sources initially indicted that the breakup may just be a temporary thing, a blind item has surfaced online offering a bit of a deeper insight. Keep in mind this is a blind item and there is no proof it's about Katy and John, but the parallels seem to be there.

The item suggests that he is the saddest about the breakup and that she left him because he has a drinking problem, which is described as "excessive." Since Brand was an addict, she knows what that life is like and chose to self-preserve.

He didn't cheat, but is said to have related addiction issues and he is addressing them by attending meetings right now and even talking to a musical collaborator who battled similar issues.

He is reportedly doing it so they can get back together, which is never the right reason, since he needs to take care of himself before he can be with someone else. People in his world think that he is not serious about seeking help, since he won't go as far as committing himself to rehab.

She is aware of that, and that's why she is not expecting to reunite.

Hmm, lots to mull over Katy Kats. Whatever the case, we love her and think she's a sassy, smart and sexy babe and she can do better than Mayer and Brand.

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