Colorful, Baltimore-born Rapper Rye Rye and Canadian singer Esthero have teamed up to bring bounciness and prettiness to the brand new '21 Jump Street' theme song. It's an interesting and unexpected pairing, but hey, it works. You can listen to a clip of the tune below and judge for yourself, but we're thinking you'll be inclined to share our opinion on the matter. Once you stop jumping and dancing around like a maniac, of course.

The ladies take turns dosing the song with synthy pep and melody, making you want to jump, if not drive, over to the multiplex to take in as showing of the film starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill when it lands next weekend.

It's a high impact song, operating off a Red Bull battery, which is due in large part to the pint-sized powerhouse that is Rye Rye. It's certainly modernized for 2012, that's for sure. Meaning it doesn't sound exactly like the theme song you are familiar with from when you used to watch the TV series back when Johnny Depp was an unknown and the show's lead. Despite the difference, you'll still dig it.

Listen to '21 Jump Street' Theme Song