"Shade don't faze me, I got Rihanna Navy!"

So begins 'S--- Rihanna Says,' only the latest in the viral 'S--- [insert person or demographic] Says' series. Actress and comedian Darmirra Brunson dons a curly blond wig, sunglasses and a Bajan accent to impersonate the 'Talk That Talk' singer in the clip.

The video starts in the studio, with Brunson as Rihanna complaining about how hard her life is, then yelling at her staff, "Where's the alcohol? I asked you guys to bring it a long time ago!"

The faux RiRi, who in real life addressed the rivalry she has with other female artists, touches on it in this clip too. "I actually am an original artist," Brunson deadpans, just as the footage cuts to her singing "Oh na na." "Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga -- they're all the same! I swear, they all shop at the same thrift store. They should just be one person, Nickatygaga."

Right after talking her smack, RiRi calls first Perry, then Minaj, then Gaga, buttering each up -- and even propositioning one of them. (We won't repeat her lascivious language here.) She even addresses the smack that Rihanna talks about her own fans, directly referencing the incident in which Rihanna ignited a hypocritical cyber bullying campaign against one on Twitter.

The ever-amorous RiRi also makes booty calls in the clip to Drake, ex Matt Kemp, J. Cole, Chris Brown and Jay-Z -- although one of those gets interrupted. It's a hilarious and pretty accurate (if hyperbolic) send up of the singer, especially if you stay tuned after the closing credits. If Rihanna can have a sense of humor about racism, we think she'll be able to at least chuckle at this.

Watch the 'S--- Rihanna Says' Video