Saint West continues to be the cutest baby in the entire world.

In a new Snapchat and Instagram video posted by Kim Kardashian, the proud mom-of-two tickles her 8-month-old son with a stuffed animal, resulting in a fit of squeaky little baby giggles that would warm the hearts of even the most children-averse folks.

While the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been somewhat selective — as she has a right to be — as to what exactly and how much she shares of her new baby on social media, she's been particularly skilled at treating fans with the most delightful, precious and gorgeous pictures and clips of little Saint.

In June, Mama Kim shared a stunning photo of her young son looking literally prettier than everyone, and back in January she teased us with the first glimpse of the then-newborn with a sweet image of Saint gripping her and Kanye West's three-year-old daughter North's finger.

While Kardashian has received some public backlash for posting any images at all of her young children on social media, the reality star addressed the catch-22 of being a celebrity parent while she was a guest at the #BlogHer16 Expo in Los Angeles on August 5.

"In this world, it's like if you didn't post it, it doesn't exist," Kim expressed. "People literally thought Saint didn't exist. They thought I had a whole fake baby because I wasn't posting about [him]. It was ridiculous."

Ridiculous indeed — please don't stop posting, Kim! Watch the precious video, below:

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