The wave of backlash toward Katy Perry continues in the wake of her voting for former Republican politician Rick Caruso for mayor of Los Angeles in the 2022 midterm elections. This time around, the criticism comes from a famous Scooby-Doo voice actress.

On Wednesday (Nov. 9), Grey DeLisle — character Daphne Blake's longtime voice actress since 2001's Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase — took to Twitter to criticize Perry, alleging the pop star is difficult to work with.

"A bunch of friends who work in production have always told me what a nightmare @katyperry was behind the scenes and now that she took a selfie voting for an anti-choice candidate who wants to round-up the unhoused… I feel very comfy telling you guys that she is 100% TRASH," DeLisle tweeted.

"I don’t kiss celebrity ass. If you’re sh---y to the crew, I will name names," she added in a follow-up tweet.

WARNING: Tweets below contain mildly graphic language.

DeLisle's statement received a divisive response from fans on social media.

One Katy Perry fan wanted to know which of DeLisle's friends claimed Perry was a "nightmare" to work with. "Who exactly are these 'friends'? Because every single person who has GENUINELY worked with her has NEVER had a bad thing to say about her," the fan wrote.

Others agreed with DeLisle, with one calling Perry "insufferable."

"I encountered Katy Perry several times while working at Disneyland and I can confirm from an outsider’s perspective that she is insufferable," they wrote.

Perry's decision to vote for Caruso in the Nov. 8 election — as well as her voting booth selfie — resulted in backlash due to Caruso's affiliation as a Republican up until three years ago. In particular, Caruso has been criticized for his plan of action for the unhoused community in the Los Angeles area.

Additionally, despite a representative for for Caruso claiming he has always been "pro-choice," he reportedly previously donated to anti-abortion politicians.

It is worth noting that Perry is a big proponent of pro-choice, having spoken out when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Perry has not responded to DeLisle's claims as of publishing.

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