Selena Gomez is soaking wet. The teen is the latest entrant into the celebrity perfume sweepstakes, and she has issued a sexy new ad for her debut scent, which is named after the singer/actress.

In the ad, Justin Bieber's beloved is wearing a frilly purple frock while her bottom half is submerged in water, with the skirt twirling around her. She is surrounded by fluffy clouds and everything flows and looks airy and pretty in this print ad, including Sel herself.

Her hair is drenched and brushed back, as if she just got out of the shower, but her smoky eye makeup is utterly flawless. With her hands behind her, swirling in the water, Sel looks like a lovely sea nymph.

The scent will go on sale at Macy's first and then hit other retailers in late summer.

Sel spoke about the shape of the bottle, saying it was the hardest part, even harder than picking the notes and accords that would comprise the scent, according to Inquisitr. "I wanted it to be tall. I like the fact that it stands out, because I always go to the ones that are tallest in the morning. The design of the bottle is almost like a gown, so it represents me on the red carpet. The lips are fun! It makes it more youthful, and you can play with it," she said.

The teen also said she wanted the wearer of her fragrance to feel kissable. Mwah!