We never thought we'd see the day that Selena Gomez was in the back of a cop car, but lo and behold, it's here. What on earth happened to get the squeaky clean 'Who Says' singer into so much trouble?

Gomez tweeted,"Lol I'm so lame. Having way too much getting arrested." Say what?! (We think she meant to add in "fun.")

Everyone can relax and know that Gomez is still pretty saintly! The starlet was simply filming for her upcoming movie 'Spring Breakers.' In the film, she, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson (who happens to be dating Justin Bieber's former swag coach Ryan Goode) get into a whole bunch of trouble.

The girls play college students who resort to robbery to pay for a spring break trip. Though the flick in itself is edgy and out of character for Gomez, her role is that of a slightly tamer troublemaker. “She’s the little more tamed down character but also still gets a little crazy here and there,” she said. “She goes on spring break with her girlfriends and they end up getting into a whole mess of things. They’re partying and drinking. We end up in jail.”

That explains the cop car, kids! No need to fret. 'Spring Breakers' is slated for a 2013 release.