Selena Gomez revealed the inspiration behind her fan-favorite track, "Vulnerable," off of her third studio album Rare.

The 27-year-old revealed that the song is one of her favorite tracks as well and the place she was at in her life when she gained inspiration to help create the lyrics.

"It is saying, after completely being depleted from life or whatever... I turned bitter for a while," Gomez explained to Billboard in a new interview. "I was extremely bitter and very dry. I was just disconnected to my feelings for so long," she continued.

The singer credited therapy for her breakthrough, where she spoke about everything that she was going through in her life. "But I go to therapy, I talk about everything that I’m walking through. I felt like, 'Why do I do this? Why do I give myself away to people, even if it’s just friends or random people? Why do I do that?'" she questioned.

The "Lose You To Love Me" singer then had a breakthrough and realized that vulnerability is one of her strengths, not weaknesses. "So when we worked on the song, that’s exactly where it started," she shared. "If I can give you all of myself, are you able to take that, and take care of that? And if you’re not, then I’m still gonna be who I am. I’m just not gonna have you in my life, but I’m gonna continue to be who I am."

As for the rest of her album, she's glad it released when it did and not sooner than she was ready. "It just took me a couple [of] years to get through some s--t. But then it came out great," she concluded.

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