Selena Gomez has hyped 'Come + Get It' to the high heavens, releasing teasers, snippets and cover art for weeks now -- but does it live up to her promotion?

That depends. If you were expecting or hoping for something close to 'Love You Like a Love Song' or danceable like 'Rule the World,' you're probably going to be a little disappointed. The song has EDM influences in the hook, but the beat is generally midtempo, and she was right about the "tribal" influences -- there are chants in the background.

The song is about an up-and-down, on-off relationship. The roller coaster it chronicles, however, is a strong contrast to Gomez's vocals, which fall sadly flat, even when she ad libs.

However, the track is a change and a shift, and it was a risk. Gomez may win new fans with the song since it's pretty far outside of her usual bubblegum Disney box, and her loyal Selenators will likely eat it up regardless. However, for fans of pure pop, they may want to stick with her ex boyfriend.

Listen to Selena Gomez, 'Come + Get It'