Selena Gomez isn't just a gifted singer and actress. She isn't just the gorgeous girlfriend of Justin Bieber or a new homeowner with a mortgage. Gomez, 20, is also partners with discount retailer Kmart for a teen clothing line. She showcases the new Dream Out Loud collection of back-to-school apparel and attire in a fun and fabulous new promotional video.

The line is full of cozy, wearable and affordable knits, which Sel herself confessed to loving in her recent Teen Vogue cover story. Sel is dressed in the cute pieces from the collection in the video, dancing to her single 'Hit the Lights' and driving a cool, convertible muscle car. Sel has the life, doesn't she?

Other key pieces include denim vests, dresses, loungewear, booties and more. There's even jewelry and hats, so the line does offer everything a fashion-conscious girl needs when heading back to school next week. Best of all, it doesn’t break the bank. So if you like Sel's style and want to emulate her, this line is a good jumping off point. Granted, it's not anything close to the styling or price point of her red carpet looks, but it does pay homage to Gomez's easy, breezy street style.

Clothing isn't Gomez's only foray into lifestyle and culture branding. She also has her own eponymous fragrance.

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