Biebs was thisclose to a heartbreak, as it was reported that his ex Selena Gomez was trysting with Union J's George Shelley and flew him out to see her at her show in Portugal. What a romantic locale, right? But slow them rolls, people. The romance has already been denied.

Union J are a British boy band, and yes, Shelley is very cute and has Hazza hair. He's no Biebs, but that's the past.

Gomez, 21, and Shelley, 20, were said to be dating after she flew the band out to perform with her at a gig on her Stars Dance Tour, with reports surfacing that there was some alone time afterwards.

"Everyone else left the room at 2AM so they were able to spend the night together," a source said. Things were said to be so hot and heavy that Shelley missed his return flight.

Ooooopsie! Well, not really.

Shelley's bandmate JJ Hamblett told The Metro that Gomez and Shelley are just pals. But you know, where there is smoke, there is usually a blaze. Maybe Hamblett was being a bro and protecting his mate by throwing us off the scent of love?

Hamblett said, "They are just friends. It’s not our place to discuss, but they are friends and, obviously, George will say what he wants to say about the situation."

He confirmed that they did hang with Sel in her hotel room but that's all they did. "She didn’t get off stage until quite late, so we just went and she invited us all back to her hotel and we had a drink," Hamblett said.

And with that, we think Sel is still single, although there were stories of a prior date.

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