Selena Gomez tried her luck at casino gambling recently -- and, uh, found out she's a much better dancer than she is a gambler!

Sel performed at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday (Oct. 19), and because it was the first time she appeared there since turning 21 in July, she took the opportunity to check out the attached casino.

She couldn't even have walked into the gaming area before her last birthday, but now she was old enough to do that, and play a little too! She tried out the slot machines, but let's just say it didn't go so well.

"I attempted to do the slot things," she said in a radio interview Monday (Oct. 21). "I don't know anything about it. I just put something in and pressed buttons and it just ... I couldn't do it."

She didn't say how much money she lost, but it definitely wasn't a large enough amount to keep from feeling like dancing: "I think I should actually spend time to learn, but I got excited and we ended up just being in a lounge dancing to Destiny's Child, so we were fine," she said.

Selena and members of her tour entourage hit up the casino's coolest club, the Vista Lounge at Wombi Rock, and the star posted some pictures of the evening on Instagram. The photos don't show a lot, but we're betting it was a lot of fun.