Let the rebirth of Selena Gomez begin.

As any dedicated Selenator could tell you (and by that, I mean myself), the Stars Dance mini-diva has been hard at work recording her Interscope Records debut for the past few months after having completed her contact with Hollywood Records last year with her greatest hits compilation For You, which spawned her super emotional, definitely-about-Justin Bieber single, "The Heart Wants What It Wants."

After a quick foray onto the dance floor with Zedd on "I Want You To Know," the young singer is finally getting back on her grind with her own solo career. Last week, she announced her new single will be called "Good For You," due out on June 22. And yesterday, she decided to tantalizingly tease just a little bit more about the release. 

But now, we've only got more questions.

The first hint came with a behind-the-scenes Instagram video of Selena recording a super-serious opener in an in-house studio. "I'm blinded by a sign / I'm reborn in every moment, so who knows what I'll become?" she dramatically declares before a dark, murky beat begins to fill out the speakers. Enticing! And a little terrifying!

And that's not all. Moments later, the singer posted a severely cropped photo — a still from the song's video, surely! — with a single caption: @asvpxrocky.

Wait. Did Selena just confirm that "Good For You" features the "F--kin' Problems" rapper himself? Unclear for now, but we certainly seem to be lightyears away from the sugary sweet days of "Love You Like A Love Song."

So, like. Is this her "Russian Roulette" moment or something? Because it kind of sounds like RiRI's murderous Rated R single right now. WHO KNOWS?

We're locked, loaded and ready to go for June 22. Give it to us, Selegend!

UPDATE: The stunning single artwork has arrived, confirming that A$AP Rocky is indeed featuring on "Good For You." Consider our excitement increasing exponentially by the second.