Selena Gomez is seriously feeling herself in the music video for “I Want You to Know," her song with rumored boyfriend Zedd. And if we had hair like hers, we would be feeling ourselves 24/7, too. Moral of the story? Get it, girl.

After months of buildup (has it really been months or has it just felt like months? We're not entirely sure), the "I Want You to Know" video dropped today (March 10), and it's seriously about time. The entire video takes place in a club and sees Selena dancing, whipping her glorious hair around and letting loose. Then Zedd’s ghost or spiritual entity of some kind appears, and Selena becomes momentarily distracted. But she soon realizes she’d rather dance like no one is watching than deal with that mess, so she sticks to the dance floor with her new multitudes of club-friends.

Meanwhile, ghost-Zedd, as we are dubbing him, appears and disappears sporadically throughout the night. At one point he’s sipping on a cocktail — wearing a suit, which is not proper club attire but whatever — but then he isn’t there anymore, and Selena is dancing with a million people and it’s all just so much.

Other things that happen in this video include: Selena kissing a club’s bathroom mirror a few times which is probably unsanitary, cool, psychedelic imagery of both Zedd and Selena flashing onscreen and a backwards-in-time moment reminiscent of Coldplay's video for "The Scientist."

Check out the video for "I Want You to Know" above.

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