Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have been having a blast with photos of birthday parties and girls' nights out. And from Selena's latest Instagram posts, it looks like they had a new romp on the town last night (March 7).

Dressed in an oversize leopard coat and black slacks, Selena looked comfy sitting barefoot on a love seat with her BFF Taylor, who was in a little black dress, peep toe pumps and a fluffy white fut coat. While this might seem a little too out there for Taylor, a pic that Ellie Goulding put up on her Instagram account of the same evening gives us a bigger picture of who and what (sort of) happened last night.

As seen below, Selena, Taylor, Ellie and Alana and Este of Haim, spent some quality gal pal time on Saturday eve. Sitting around a marble table, Ellie is having some bubbly while Selena and one of the Haim sisters were having a spot of tea. The candid shot is pretty casual, despite their lush attire. However, the image also proves that the owner of the fluffy coat is actually Alana.

Selena also posted a pic showing her touching up the makeup and crediting Taylor for taking the photo. She also gave props to Ellie for the makeup and Haim for, well, just being hot.

While we're not too clear on what else transpired last night, it's always fun to see our favorite celebs hanging out and showing us how the A-listers spend their Saturday nights.

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