In what sounds sort of weird for a couple so young, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may be going to couples counseling.

The pair have had a really rocky couple of months, with breakup rumblings growing loudest in November and earlier this month. By all accounts, Bieber is head over heels in love with Gomez, but he seems to have a tough time showing it. A huge bustup went down following his flirting with Barbara Palvin at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but the pair were spotted on several dates since to try to mend the relationship.

Still, more split stories emerged following their reconciliation. Every breakup was said to be the ultimate and last one, but they can't stay away from one another! The couple, whom fans affectionately dubbed "Jelena," are now looking for outside, unbiased help in keeping it together. The Examiner reports that the pair are seeing a couples counselor twice a week to get themselves in line.

The report also says that Bieber has the most work to do, apparently. Gomez reportedly handed over a list of things she thinks Biebs needs to work on. Perhaps the 'Love You Like a Love Song' singer can afford to work on some issues of her own -- like compromise (it takes two!), determining what's really important to her (a good relaysh or just the fame of being with him?) and self-respect (she and Rihanna keep taking back guys who hurt their feelings).

Here's hoping these two work it out for good!

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