Further fueling speculation that he and on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez are back together, Justin Bieber posted a photo of the two on Instagram, which he later deleted. Thankfully, nothing dies on the Interwebs and an astute Belieber screenshotted the image so that it lives on.

Gomez flew to Norway late last week, which is where the Biebs had a tour date. No coincidence there. You don't fly halfway around the world to see your ex for no reason (or a small one).

Then the Biebs shared this photo, where they both look a little tired. He's looking ahead at the camera, with wide eyes, while she is offering her profile, smiling and nuzzling him. They look happy to be together, and if there's any proof that they are rekindling the romance, this could be it.

The photo is also recent, since Sel is rocking the same, long, gold-dipped dagger nails, which she showed off earlier in the week via social media.

We're not sure why the BIebs deleted the pic -- maybe he didn't want to perpetuate the rumors. We kid, we kid. But it's too late now.

The twosome sure look like they're back together. We just hope Sel isn't making him cry!

Selena Gomez Gold Nails

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