Selena Gomez has been making the rounds to promote her first fragrance, but that's not the only project she has in store. The former Disney starlet also has a slew of movies up her sleeve. E! News caught up with the 'Who Says' singer, who dished on James Franco, new music, 'Glee' and even on a certain duet between the two people closest to her.

As the proud bestie to Taylor Swift and lady love to Justin Bieber, Sel was more than happy to chat about the T-Swizzle and J-Biebs duet. While her opinion is probably at least a little bit biased, we still trust her. What does she think of the track?

"It's beautiful," Gomez gushed. "I don't know if it's going to make it on the record, but it is beautiful." We can't fathom a collabo like that not making it onto 'Believe,' considering the star power behind it!

So what about Sel's own music career? Is it true that she's hitting the studio soon? Unfortunately not, but it doesn't necessarily mean that Rock Mafia were lying. "Not yet," Gomez said. "We're maybe going to do some fun remixes, but right now it's just about movies."

One of those movies is 'Spring Breakers,' in which Gomez costars with James Franco, who famously lip synced the lyrics to her hit 'Love You Like a Love Song.' What did she think of his rendition? "I loved it," she laughed. "It was so good. What people don't know is that he was very much in character when he was doing it. I thought it was hysterical."

Speaking of movies, Gomez gave some new deets on her upcoming film with Ethan Hawke, 'The Getaway.' The 'Who Says' singer will leave for Bulgaria in a few days to shoot the movie and expects to be gone for six weeks. What can we expect from the flick? Gomez revealed, "It's all car-chasing! Luckily, I'm not driving, but there's a lot of throwing around and cars flipping."

Gomez also chatted up about 'Glee' covering 'Love You Like a Love Song.' How did she find out about it? From Finn! "I didn't even know and my label didn't even know it was happening," Gomez admitted. "Cory Monteith texted me a video of someone singing it and I was like, 'Wait, that's Lea!" I asked him if they were on set and he sent me back a smiley face. So that's how we found out."