Selena Gomez has been at the top of her game since releasing her 2015 album Revival, and she's already gearing up for its followup release.

Despite her current stint on the North American leg of her Revival Tour, Selena found the time to write and record her next album on the road.  According to a new tweet, it's nearly complete.

"After a few weeks in the studio bus safe to say.. we are VERY close to album #2 #SG2," she wrote today (June 24).

What's most curious about her tweet is the inclusion of the hashtag #SG2, indicating the upcoming album would be Selena's second solo release. It would technically qualify as her third, following 2013's Stars Dance and 2015's Revival. (2014's For You was a compilation album used as a clear attempt to appease her label and fulfill her record deal at the time, so that one doesn't count.) But Selena's first studio album was released on Hollywood Records, so the next release would be #2 with Interscope.

Will her next album be a further extension of Revival? Is she trying to erase her 2013 "Come & Get It"-era past? If so, how dare she?

Sit tight for further details about the forthcoming album. Fans are likely itching to know whether it'll include the new track "Feel Me," which Selena debuted during her Revival Tour and then incorporated into the setlist. Watch a video of her performing the song (which is amazing, just so you know) below.

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