Selena Gomez got ink ... Sort of! And no, the singer did not etch her BF Justin Bieber's name on her person. Instead, Gomez, 19, had her nickname "Sel" tattooed on her back in script.

It's a pretty tatt that sprawls across her shoulder and is adorned with a smattering of stars. It's classy, it's cute and it's so very "Sel!"

It's also not permanent. It's henna dye. So it's not a commitment. Perhaps the 'Who Says' singer is doing a test drive to see if she wants to get a real, not removable tattoo.

They always say that you should get something you are fairly certain you are going to want on your person for the rest of your life, and her nickname is a good choice, since, well, it's part of her name and those don't change!

The singer showed off the new design for Z100 in Portland, Ore.

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