Shailene Woodley will soon be known for rocking a short cut on the big screen as she plays Hazel in the emotional rollercoaster of a movie that is 'The Fault in Our Stars.' So how did she handle chopping off her long, dark blonde hair to prepare for the role?

With tears, of course! What girl wouldn’t?

The 22-year-old actress shared the video of the big moment with MTV. The clip shows Woodley’s thick locks being separated into four ponytails before her hairdresser cut them off one by one. In a funny attempt to get her emotions under control, she held up two ponytails as tears for a photo op mid-haircut.

There was no holding back the tears, though. And she did give warning! “I might cry so hard, you guys,” she laughed.

The dramatic cut was part of her transformation into Hazel Lancaster, who suffers from stage four thyroid cancer. The actress will be starring alongside Ansel Elgort, who plays her eccentric and quick-witted love interest, Augustus Waters. The John Green book-to-movie adaptation will be hitting theaters June 6, 2014.

Woodley looked shocked when she finally felt brave enough to look in the mirror for the first time sporting her new ‘do. Despite the teary reaction, she called the haircut “so cool” and stated that she loved it.

We love it, too! If anyone can work a short cut, it’s Shailene.