The concept of Shakira and Rihanna on one song suggests something very specific – infinite hotness. For 'Can't Remember to Forget You,' Shakira's first single from her forthcoming studio album, out March 25, she recruited Rihanna to feature on a song they co-wrote with a team. The idea is thrilling and excitement and anticipation for this pairing was high. Now that it's here, how do the two divas stack up on one song?

Well, for one thing, the song is decidedly Shakira's. Sometimes, when there is an A-list feature on an A-lister's song, there is a bit of a battle and you can't figure out who is the guest and who is the rightful "owner" of the single.

There is no such confusion with 'Can't Remember to Forget You.' RiRi does not hijack the song, which has a decidedly island sound. No, we're not saying that it's sun-splashed and upbeat. We're speaking literally, since the sonics are laced with a reggae vibe and a smattering of tropical percussion.

Shak owns the first verse, with her unique, rounded and exotic vocal acrobatics. Rihanna swoops in for the second verse, her accent detectable.

Those elements make the song feel worldly and memorable.

There are lots of layers to the song, from the strong female vocals to the instrumentation. But we must admit, it's a bit underwhelming considering that it's two powerhouse female divas under one roof. We expected them to come out of the gate with a "BAM!" and a "POW!" and that didn't happen.

Let's hope this one is a "grower" -- that is, we hope it grows on us with each successive listen. But upon first few listens, it's not that we're forgetting it. We're just trying to remember.


Listen to Shakira, 'Can't Remember to Forget You' Feat. Rihanna