Shannen Doherty shared a new update on her health in a new episode of her Let's Be Clear podcast on Monday (April 1).

She got candid about the ways she's preparing things "just in case" she dies before her mother, Rosa, to make it "easier" for her, per Page Six.

So far, she's chosen to downsize her possessions, clear out storage units, and let go of some of her "dreams."

"My priority at the moment is my mom. I know it’s going to be hard on her if I pass away before her," she shared.

"Because it’s going to be so hard on her, I want other things to be a lot easier. I don’t want her to have a bunch of stuff to deal with. I don’t want her to have four storage units filled with furniture," she continued.

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Doherty revealed that she's been donating and selling some of her possessions and antiques that she's collected over the years.

She also shared that she was forced to let go of her Tennessee property and her dream of living there with horses.

"So we were in Tennessee and I was packing up one of the places there. It was really hard and really emotional because to a certain extent — I felt like I was giving up on this dream of building this property out and putting a house for me and a house for my mom and then extending the barn," she said.

"That was one of my dreams. I was packing up and I started crying … I felt like I was giving up on a dream and what did that mean for me? Did it mean that I was giving up on life? Did it mean that I was throwing in the towel? And my mom was there and she was like, ‘Don’t get rid of this place, it’s fine. You don’t have to and you can keep going.’ I said, ‘Yeah, absolutely I can,'” the actress went on.

However, she said that "letting go" brought her a sense of "peace."

"I can still live my dream of helping horses. I can still live that dream by really participating in rescues that are far more capable of me doing it," she said.

Plus, she said that the sale of some of her possessions and property has allowed her and her mom to spend more time together.

"I get to take my mom on vacations because I have all this extra play money lying around and I’m not digging into the money that’s in my estate that’s going to make sure that everybody in my life is taken care of once I’m dead," she said.

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