Sia may have an elastic heart, but after listening to her latest tune, yours might just snap in half.

The perpetually face-obscured singer/songwriter recorded a cover of Bleachers' "Like a River Runs" for the act's new four-piece LP, which is available today, and while the original version will likely put a smile on your face, Sia's updated rendition will conceivably squeeze your tear ducts dry, instead.

What begins with the performer's unmistakable tone over bare-bones piano quickly swells into a Oscar-worthy symphony production. In no time, a new story of heartbreak is scored.

"When I fall asleep, I can see your face/What I lost in you, I cannot replace," Sia calmly laments until the tune's strings burn out and its sentiment finally dies. Who's got a handful of uppers handy?

The LP also includes a live alternative of the track, Jack Antonoff's own reworked rendering and a 15-minute-long conversation between Antonoff and a verified dream specialist. Get ready to lay down those neuroses, friends!

If you want to hear the original tune live (its album recording is included below), be sure to catch Bleachers on tour with Charli XCX in the Charli and Jack Do America tour, which kicks off on July 21 in San Diego and wraps up on August 12 in Columbus.

What do you think of Sia's "Like a River Runs" rendition? Wipe your eyes and share in the comments.