Sia's lyric video for current single "Move Your Body" is an '80s-themed throwback that offers kitschy imagery while also exploring the fictional origin story of the "Bird Set Free" singer's trademark, two-toned wig.

The bulk of the video takes place at a gimmicky portrait studio in a place called "America Mall," where a young girl is drawn to Sia's signature black-and-blonde wig. After finally escaping her parents' tightly controlled grip, she bounds toward it before placing it atop her head. Uplifting family-friendly fun ensues.

"Move Your Body" appeared on Sia's 2016 release This Is Acting, an album comprised of songs originally written for (but ultimately rejected by) other artists like Rihanna, Kanye West and Beyonce. "Move Your Body" in particular was composed with Shakira in mind.

Speaking with Rolling Stone at length about her writing process in the context of This Is Acting, Sia admitted, "One of [the tracks on the album] is a Shakira reject, which there's no doubt when you hear it. You'll know that it was a Shakira reject because I sound like Shakira."

Check out the feel-good lyric video for Sia's "Move Your Body" above.

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