Reddit users urged a woman to leave her relationship after declaring that she was her boyfriend's "side chick" for the past five years.

"I didn’t know he had another girlfriend until about 2.5 years into the relationship. Keep in mind, by this time I was already so deep in love with this man and thought I’d marry him," the woman wrote via Reddit. "Lost my v-card to him and everything."

She explained that she was "young" when she met the man, who was "a bit older" than she was, and fell immediately in love with him.

The mistress recalled that the man's girlfriend doesn't know about her. However, she knows everything about the girlfriend.

"His excuse for this whole thing is that he needs to stay with her because he’s getting a permanent visa via their relationship," she continued. "And that once he gets it, he’ll leave her and we’ll be together. I know this is fu--ing stupid but I literally love this man so much I don’t know how to leave."

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The woman noted that she knows she needs to walk away from the relationship, but it's hard as she has an "insane level of chemistry with him."

"We’re so compatible in every way, besides the fact that he has someone else. He helps me financially and emotionally and I love being around him and the sex is great," she detailed. "But I know this fu--ed up situation has to end and I need to move on."

The man insists that although he lives with his girlfriend, the two don't sleep together, according to the post.

"I guess what’s tipped me over the edge is that I just found out they adopted a dog together," she stated. "We would always speak about adopting a husky together one day but he’s gone and done it with her behind my back."

She knows that she needs to end the relationship, but says the "thought of living" without him in her life "is almost too painful to think about it."

"But it can’t be much worse than crying myself to sleep every night knowing he’s in bed with another woman," she concluded. "And yes I know I’m a homewrecker."

Users urged her to leave the man, with many stating that he is just using her.
"Not only is he a liar and a cheat, he's using someone who loves him for his own selfish needs. Why would anyone want to be with this guy forever knowing what he's capable of? He's a liar and a cheat and a user," one person wrote.

Another commented, "He is lying to you. It may be harsh to hear but he IS having sex with her. He IS building a life with her. He IS a selfish ahole who is interested in only himself and his own wants. What he is doing IS NOT love. It is NOT respect. It is not treating you or her with a modicum of consideration or decency. I’m so sorry you are in this situation but you need to get yourself out of it NOW."

"5 years? Choose you and walk the f--k away. There is someone out there that will put you first, it’s just not this guy," a third person scoffed.

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