Sinead O'Connor has ceased writing open letters to Miley Cyrus, after penning several novella-length notes last month regarding the singer's sexualization and her blithe attitude toward mental illness. She has also paid the tongue-and-twerk queen a backhanded compliment.

A quick rewind: Cyrus said she loved O'Connor's 'Nothing Compares 2 U' video. O'Connor wrote Cyrus an open letter about how she is being abused by the music business. Cyrus merely responded via some tweets that poked fun at O'Connor's mental state, which set O'Connor off on further letter-writing exploits, where she ranted about Cyrus and threatened legal action. Cyrus merely sat back and watched as it played out online, barely commenting.

In a recent interview, the Irish singer took aim at the music industry and while doing so, she paid Cyrus a compliment.

While call the music biz "corrupt" and full of "vampires and pimps" -- like 'Twilight' and a rap video, maybe? -- she said that the war of words, in which she was the only active participant, did some good.

"What was more important that came out of the Miley thing was being able to conversate about mental health and human rights. The two of us, without meaning to, did quite a good job," she said.

But there was never any real discourse or response letters from Cyrus, so it was a bit one-sided. However, the fact that it got national attention means O'Connor did bring the issue of mental illness into the spotlight. Mission accomplished.

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