A woman on Reddit is refusing to adhere to her sister-in-law's ridiculously expensive Christmas wish list.

"For Christmas, my husband and I are hosting my parents, my brother Chris, his wife Amy, their two sons, my sister Lucia, and her boyfriend Alex. The background to all this is that Amy complains about every gift she is given by any of us. Every Christmas she makes faces and snide remarks about the things she’s gifted," she wrote on the forum.

"For example, last year we (me and my husband) gifted Amy and Chris a joint present of an expensive coffee maker, which is the same one we have at home that Chris loved when they visited. Amy’s only remark, not even a thank you, was, 'Oh, well this isn’t really for me, is it?' And then to make a great show of being annoyed that she didn’t get a separate gift," she continued.

This year, the woman's sister-in-law sent an email containing a "Christmas list" for her and her kids, saying she would "only accept gifts from this list."

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"On her list were expensive perfumes, links to expensive clothing items, and designer handbags. I was livid. My parents were offended as well but didn’t want to say anything to Amy but I wasn’t going to hold back in the face of what I felt was grossly entitled behavior," the woman wrote.

"I replied to Amy’s email saying I wouldn’t be purchasing anything on that list and that if she wanted to shop for a Louis Vuitton wallet I was happy to put her in touch with my saleswoman. I also said that if she didn’t like what she received for Christmas she was welcome to just leave it at my house," she shared.

Her brother was furious, and told her his wife was "just trying to make everything easier for everyone by giving suggestions."

"I disagree and told him I think Amy was just trying to find a sneaky way to get a few things she normally can’t afford for free, which in my opinion is not in the spirit of Christmas and I think she’s being extremely childish. My parents think I shouldn’t have said anything but Lucia says I absolutely should have because she wasn’t going to be spending hundreds on Amy’s Christmas list either," she concluded.

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In the comments section, many readers tried to offer an alternative solution to the "wish list."

"We only buy for the kids in our family. You could always donate the amount you would have spent on her gift to a charity in her name," one person wrote.

"Tell her you’re setting up a funeral fund for her, and you’ll put $X in it each year until she dies. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!" another chimed in.

"Wonder how Amy would react to $50 cash and note saying 'You are now 6.9 [percent] further ahead on your way to owning a very prestigious $725 Victorine LV wallet. Know how much this means to you, Amy! And I know you have a problem expressing thanks so you're very welcome,'" someone else commented.

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