A woman on Reddit says her family is torn apart after she decided not to attend her sister's wedding, which took place on the same date as her late fiancée's birthday.

The woman lost her fiancée, Emily, in a "tragic accident" two years ago.

"Her birthday has since become a somber day of reflection for me, a day to honor her memory. My family knows how painful that date is for me, especially my sister, Lucy," she explained.

"Lucy and I have been close all our lives, but we've had our differences. Recently, she announced her wedding date, and to my shock, it was on Emily's birthday," the grieving woman continued on Reddit.

After confronting her sister about the date, Lucy told her it was only day that was available, but "something in her tone" made the woman doubt her sister's sincerity.

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"I tried to talk to her, explain how painful it would be for me, but she dismissed my feelings, saying I should move on and that her wedding was more important than my 'lingering grief.' Her words cut deep, and our relationship started to fracture," she shared.

The woman's parents sided with her sister, telling her that she was being "selfish" and "that family should come first."

"I felt trapped, angry and betrayed. After many sleepless nights, I decided not to attend the wedding. Instead, I spent the day at Emily's graveside, feeling a mixture of relief and guilt. The fallout has been immense. My family is furious, branding me as selfish and immature," the woman detailed.

Even now, their mutual friends are "divided" about whether or not she made the right decision.

"I love my sister, but I feel she crossed a line, disregarding my feelings and our shared history. I'm at a loss, feeling like I've torn my family apart," she concluded.

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Users in the comments rallied behind the woman, with many sharing their own stories of grief.

"First, the death of a long-term romantic partner two years is a flash in the pan. The idea that you have lingering grief now, especially on the anniversary of the death, is bull. It's still going to hurt something awful and on that day it's going to be especially sensitive. You aren't being selfish, you are taking care of yourself," one person wrote.

"I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my husband 11 [years] ago to cancer. His birthday and our anniversary are hard days, worse than the anniversary of his death, because they were special, happy days. For family to not get that makes me sad," another person commented.

"Sorry for your loss. Lost my husband to cancer [three] weeks after our anniversary. It will be [nine] years this October. The first year was the toughest for me. I do mark all the dates in my own special way," someone else shared.

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