Katy Perry roared -- twice!!-- on 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend. The singer, who has also hosted the show before, was only the musical guest last night (Oct. 12), but she once again left a lasting impression, turning the stage into a jungle as she performed her latest hit song 'ROAR.' She also rocked the new song 'Walking on Air,' transforming the set into a club dance floor for about five minutes.

Surrounded by rich, lush green vegetation and wearing a leopard-print loin cloth, Perry was accompanied by the band and backup singers wearing animal costumes. Lions, giraffes, zebras and Katy Perry, oh my!  It looked like Perry paying homage to Miley Cyrus and the VMAs with her plush pals for a hot second there. That, or Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' video. What is it with our pop queens and plush people? At least no animals were harmed in the making of this 'SNL' perf.

That said, it didn't look like the familiar 'SNL' set ... at all! But Perry was certainly a confident queen of the jungle.

Perry returned to the stage later in the ep to perform her EDM-lite track 'Walking on Air,' dressed like a school girl in her plaid skirt, white top and white knee socks. She was surrounded by white-clad dancers who shadowed her and operated a swath of fabric. We'll let you just watch and see what purpose that served.

The wind machine was working overtime, as Perry's black locks were blowing all over the place, too.

Once again, the 'SNL' stage was rendered unrecognizable as Perry took over and entertained the studio audience and Katy Kats at home.

Bravo, Katy. Bravo.

Watch Katy Perry Perform 'Walking on Air' on 'Saturday Night Live'