Ellen DeGeneres was once a red carpet correspondent at the Grammy Awards, but now she's eagerly grooming her replacements. Ellen is sending adorable YouTube sensations Sophie Grace Brownlee and her cousin Rosie to the Grammys on Sunday to conduct red carpet interviews, as they did at last fall's American Music Awards.

Ellen made the surprise announcement after the girls, who first made a splash with their viral 'Super Bass' cover, made their latest appearance on her show. They took the swagger to a new level this time with a rendition of Keri Hilson's 'Turn My Swag On.'

While Rosie bounced around and looked cute, Sophia Grace demonstrated a perfect level of attitude and confidence as she sang, "They told me round my hood / What do you say / Everytime I see you, I look good / Hey, I get money." The young British girls even tossed in the cutest rap ever: "I'm Sophia Grace, I'm only 8 years old / I got a hot gal, Rosie, 5 years old / We're goin' to the top of Hollywood and it's official / My dad's in the crowd crying, here's a tissue."

After the song, Ellen announced she would be sending them to Sunday's Grammy Awards, where they'll get to interview Nicki Minaj and other famous stars on the red carpet. The girls screamed as Ellen presented them with shiny new dresses, new crowns and VIP passes.

With Sophia Grace and Rosie on the job, this might be the most exciting Grammy red carpet ever!

Watch Sophie Grace and Rosie on 'Ellen'