Steven Tyler was not going to let Jennifer Lopez's Oscars nip slip pass without making a joke at his fellow 'American Idol' judge's expense. During last night's show, Tyler pulled back his shirt to expose his chest and asked, "Wait, wait... Who am I?"

J. Lo was stunned into silence initially, before replying, "I don't even know what to say to that. Ryan, save me right now!" Randy Jackson jokingly took offense, saying, "Hey, come on. It's a family show!" Host Ryan Seacrest clarified for the viewing audience, "That was an Oscar re-enactment, ladies and gentlemen."

Lopez reportedly laughed off the apparent wardrobe malfunction, and she wrote on Twitter, "All the #Oscars talk is funny, but I’ve got plenty of other things to talk about."

Tyler also discussed the nip slip earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show after some prodding from the host. Shown a photo of Lopez at the Oscars and asked to confirm that Lopez's nipple was showing, he replied, "That would not be it. That's not it! Areolas are us -- I went to that school!”

The male contestants performed on last night's 'Idol' broadcast. Tonight, it's the ladies' turn!

Watch Steven Tyler Make Fun of Jennifer Lopez's Nip Slip on 'American Idol'