Video footage that reportedly shows former music mogul Suge Knight behind the wheel of a fatal hit and run incident has been released. The footage, obtained by TMZ, is graphic and disturbing as it shows a man TMZ claims is Knight running over two separate men, one of whom died.

On the day of the hit and run, Knight drove to the set of the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton in a reported attempt to make peace with Dr. Dre after Knight had been forced to leave a different set a few minutes earlier. Knight was allegedly confronted by two crew members and fled the scene in fear. He reversed his car, reportedly causing him to hit and run over two people, Cle "Bone" Sloan and Terry Carter. Knight was later charged with murder. Lt. John Corina told the Washington Post, "Looks like he drove backwards and struck the victims and drove forwards and struck them again. The people we talked to say it looked like it was an intentional act.”

TMZ goes on to say that the family of Terry Carter, the man who was killed in the hit and run, asked them to post the video so the public could see what happened. TMZ also claims that Knight believes the video is proof that he fled in self-defense, whereas law enforcement officials believe the video shows evidence that Knight acted intentionally.

According to Page Six, Knight is currently in jail and is set to be back in court on March 20. If convicted, Knight could be sentenced to life in prison.

You can see the full video at TMZ, but again, the footage is incredibly graphic and disturbing.