There are Rihanna fans, there are Rihanna superfans, and then there are Rihanna fans who have their entire bodies covered in tattoos of the singer. Sarah Ridge, 23, is one of the insanely inked ones.

The die-hard English fan recently showed off her many tats to U.K.'s the Metro, flaunting enormous ink on her back, arms and even under her chest (a piece which perfectly mirrors Rihanna's.)

She has five portraits of Rihanna all across her back, including one of the "FourFiveSeconds" singer blowing smoke. The tats are all shaded in black, and the tattoo artist was even careful enough to work around a mole on Sarah's back, which is now square in the middle of Bad Gal RiRi's hair. Another tat, directly below Sarah's chest — just like her idol's — is a perfect imitation of the star's Egyptian-inspired ink, right down to the placement.

Sarah told the site that she has spent more than $1,500 on Rihanna tattoos.

"My friends think it's a weird obsession and I know my family would prefer it if my tattoos were more discreet," she admitted. "Guys might be put off dating me, but to be honest, I'm only interested in men who are Rihanna fans, anyway."

Still, though, Sarah enjoys her ink and ignores any negativity that comes her way. Haters to the left.

"Ultimately, as long as I love my tattoos, that's all that matters," she said proudly. "I have loved Rihanna for nearly 10 years, and I'll love her forever. Some people say I've ruined my body, but I just laugh it off."

"Rihanna's face is gorgeous," she continued, "so having her image on my body makes it look better in my eyes."

Check out Sarah's Rihanna-inspired ink collection over at the Metro.

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