YouTube star Tana Mongeau is no stranger to controversy. This time, however, it's cost her a big sponsor.

Language learning platform Babbel has cut ties with the YouTuber after she wished death on a French wine expert.

Mongeau's comments during the Aug. 6 episode of her aptly-titled Cancelled podcast led to the tour guide receiving death threats online, as well as an influx of fake negative reviews from Mongeau's viewers.

According to NBC News, this summer Mongeau and her friends went on a wine tour with Cynthia Coutu, whose tour was named “Best Wine Experience in Paris” by Travel and Hospitality Awards.

Mongeau explained that the tour was already off to a bad start because she had stayed up until 6AM drinking from the night before and was unaware that it was a walking tour.

"Don’t you think you should say, ‘Bring your Air Maxes?’" Mongeau complained, however, Coutu shared screenshots with NBC News showing her itinerary notes that participants "should bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable walking shoes [and] casual clothes."

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During her podcast rant about the wine tour, Mongeau called Coutu "condescending" and claimed the tour guide called her "extremely disrespectful" for wearing headphones and listening to music during the tour.

Mongeau also repeatedly stated that she wanted to physically harm Coutu. The YouTuber said she even wished she could "curb stomp" the tour guide.

"I literally, I absolutely want her dead. At the hands of me. We paid you! I don’t want to learn about [the] fertilization of grass in the middle of France in a town with a population of 300 at 8:40AM after I’ve just walked a mile and a half and there’s yet to be a glass of wine in my hand," Mongeau said.

Mongeau then promoted her sponsor Babbel, which is a language-learning platform. "And with Babbel, I could have told Cynthia the wine tour lady to shut the f--k up in her native language," the influencer said.

The comment resulted in Mongeau losing the sponsor.

"This absolutely does not align with Babbel’s company values. Highlighted here, Tana is obviously not a person who understands or celebrates the differences in cultures and we regret to be in any way involved with her," a representative for Babbel told NBC News.

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