Breaking news: Taylor Momsen is seriously rock 'n' roll, you guys. Seriously. In a new interview with Hollywire, the 'Gossip Girl' starlet-turned-Pretty Reckless frontwoman took three minutes out to answer 20 highly pressing questions.

A visibly enthused Momsen, wearing sunglasses indoors because she's way too cool for school, covers topics from the randomest thing on her iPod — 'Once More With Feeling,' from the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' soundtrack, for the curious — to the industry vet whose career she'd most like hers to resemble — "I don't think you can emulate someone. By doing that, you're just a bad copycat." And it turns out that despite her hardcore image, Momsen says she's actually quite shy. When asked her biggest insecurity, she responds: "F---in' everything."

Sounds like Momsen was immersed in rock culture from a young age, though, since she reports that her first big concert was the White Stripes, when she was "8 or 9," since her dad frequently took her to shows in bars and clubs as a child. What we would give to see Taylor Momsen chain-smoking and swilling PBR in a dilapidated dive bar at the tender age of 8.

Clearly, the influence was pervasive; when asked what her most embarrassing moment was, she says, "I've f---in' puked on stage a couple times," but then concedes, "It's f---in' rock 'n' roll, what are ya gonna do?" More embarrassing, she admits, was when a photographer captured an upskirt photo of her with her "tampon string hanging out." Admittedly, we'd be embarrassed by that, too.

Kids really do say the darnedest things.

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