In a recent New Yorker profile, the always composed Taylor Swift revealed to the writer that she has already written 10 songs for her next album, which will follow 2010's mega smash 'Speak Now.'

Swift also revealed that the songs are laced with a melancholy vibe. When the writer asked the singer to describe the songs, she revealed, "They're sad. If I'm being honest." If there's one thing about Swift, she is honest with her fans and in her music.

Swift also said one of the songs "is about moving on," which is a difficult task whether you are Taylor Swift or Jane Doe. Given the singer's penchant for putting her romantic life into her lyrics, fans are in for quite a treat.

And there you have it, Swift fans! The singer is distilling sadness into her next batch of songs. Since her songs are always confessional and as intimate as journal entries, expect this to be an emotional album that further connects Swift to her fanbase!

Taste of Country unearthed a nugget of news from a Swift fan blog, which confirmed that a new Taylor Swift album is due out in 2012. The information was courtesy of a decent source, if the story is true! A fan reported that at a recent concert in Atlanta, Ga., Swift’s father greeted them by the sound booth, gifted them with a small token and shared some BIG news. “He handed us guitar picks and told us that Taylor’s new album is the best yet and will be out in 2012,” the fan said.

While there is no confirmation from Swift's label, her father is a pretty reliable source.

The New Yorker article also caught a quick exchange between Swift and former rival Kanye West, as well.