There are people who love Taylor Swift. And then there are people who love her armpits.

As it turns out, there is a subset of Swifties who love the 'Shake It Off' singer's underarms so much that they created an entire forum solely dedicated to her armpits on Reddit.

While this is hardly a surprise -- diehard fans are known to obsess over any aspect of their idol they possibly can -- we have to admit that choosing to fetishize her armpits may be considered a little bit odd. Still, the fandom wants what it wants -- and they want Taylor Swift's armpits.

Swifties have posted countless GIFs, photos, screen shots and just about everything they can of T. Swift's underarms -- and the comments range from innocently hilarious ("she even argues with ferocious armpit movements," someone reportedly commented on a 'Blank Space' video GIF) to pretty creepy ("F---, I want to lick them clean," another Redditor wrote). Whoa.

"Just for a bit of background the sub was created after someone posted a photo of Taylor in /r/taylorswift that had a nice shot of her armpit," one girl -- who claims to have started the Subreddit -- commented on the Daily Dot's article about the forum. "I made a comment about how it looked nice and was subsequently banned for 'being a creep is not tolerated.' So I figured why not make a sub."

And there you have it: A place for Taylor Swift armpit-fawners to obsess to their heart's content.

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