Though we've yet to see much of the finished work for Taylor Swift's newest perfume ad campaign, our spidey senses are telling us it will probably look very similar to her video for '22.'

The songstress told ET Online that she recruited her good friends to star in her perfume ads, where they'll be "goofing off and living life." Sound like a familiar concept to all you Swifties out there?

Taylor continued, "I love that we're using my real friends because it feels very personalized just like every element of this fragrance." The behind the scenes footage shows T. Swizzle and her buddies riding along in a convertible and waving their hands in the air like they just don't care.

It seems that Swift is a bit perfume crazy (this being her third fragrance and all), but it's no wonder she loves to create these scents. She explains, "One of my favorite things about creating fragrances is it's creating something out of nothing and turning it into something that has its own look, its own name, its own feeling, its own scent, its own vibe to it. In that way, it's a little bit like creating a song. It's taking nothing and adding idea after idea after idea and honing it down and figuring out what it's going to be." Today we learned, creating a perfume is like writing a song. Good to know!

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