With the VMAs set for this Sunday, Aug. 25 in Brooklyn, N.Y., we can understand that the Taylor Swift-Kanye West beef is still fresh in the media's collective mind, since it's the scene of the crime. The drama is not resurrected, simply because it's never been dead and buried. T. Swizzle herself ain't letting it go, as she continues to get "hehehe" mileage out of the 2009 scandal where Yeezy crashed her speech and ruined her moment.

Swift is dangerously close to crossing the line from cute to crazy about this long-held beef. We get that 'Ye pushed it back into the spotlight it by admitting his apology was coerced and therefore insincere, but still. Why drag tourmate Ed Sheeran into it?

Sheeran tweeted a pic of a jar of homemade jam that Swift made for him, with a label that quotes West's words when he crashed her speech.

Hey, Tay, why not whip up a batch of that delicious spread for West and his baby mama Kim Kardashian? Extend the jar of jam in place of the olive branch? Or send some cute baby clothes to North? She would look adorbs in a 'Red' onesie or Taylor Swift baby tee, no?

Or how about just letting it go? You are better than this, girl. Don't stoop down to that level.

We were hoping against all hope that Swift and West would do a surprise duet to shut all the chatter down in what would be the VMAs moment of all VMAs moments. But that's not the type of, uh, jam we're getting.