Taylor Swift may be having a blast in her new Narragansett, Rhode Island beach house ... but the locals are wishing she'd blast off somewhere else.

Tons of Swift's new neighbors are furious with her and her security team for apparently blocking access to a public beach by roping off her property, which is right near a public path to the shore.

"Now that summer has come and people are getting ready to use the beach, people are really grumbling about having Taylor in town," a source griped to Radar Online. "Her property line is at the path to the public beach and she always has guards patrolling the area. It's making it such a hassle."

The area near the beach was long a hangout spot for local teens, but the source added, "Her guards are always asking them to leave. If she wanted privacy, she shouldn't have bought a house overlooking a public beach!"

You can check out some tweets from angry locals below. We doubt T-Swizzle deliberately is hindering anyone's fun, but maybe this will make her reconsider her security team's stances on certain things so everyone can be happy!