Wouldn't it be nice to have your favorite celebrity on call for whenever you need advice? While we're still wishing for the day we have a pop star on speed dial, we still treasure the inspiration they do give us.

Taylor Swift is an eternal optimist, constantly reminding us how grateful she is for all of life's blessings. Demi Lovato, on the other hand, has faced some pretty rough issues, but uses her recovery as a platform to help others. Both of these ladies have loads of insight to share, but who would you rather have as a life coach?

If you want a life coach who can break down a situation and analyze it, Taylor's your girl! We already know she gives advice to BFF Selena Gomez, so we expect she's an expert. From romance to expressing feelings in a healthy way, Taylor is your guiding light. If all else fails, we bet she'll recommend you blow off steam by dressing up like a hipster and making fun of your ex.

Demi Lovato wrote the book on positive living -- literally! 'Staying Strong' is full of Demi's favorite quotes and affirmations, and is proof that she'd make a great life coach. Whatever your problem, Demi is the perfect person to go to for advice. And when it comes to steering the course of life, she's proof that positivity wins.

Who would you rather have as your life coach? Vote for Taylor or Demi in the poll below!