There are two types of people in the world: cat lovers and dog lovers. It’s clear that Taylor Swift is of the former group, especially since she recently adopted the world’s cutest kitten, Olivia Benson. Miley Cyrus is solidly in the other group with her small army of pups, including her newly adopted Border Collie, Emu Coyne Cyrus. Both are undeniably adorable, but whose new pet is cuter?

Taylor’s Instagram was already full of photos of her Scottish Fold cat Meredith, which is just fine with us, since her doe-eyed face is impossible to resist. In a move that proves how big of a cat lover she is, T. Swift added to her feline family when she recently adopted the white ball of fluff Olivia, named after a Law & Order character. When the 'Red' star shared the video of Olivia stretched out and asleep on Mom’s arm, we just about died from the cuteness. Would anyone complain if Taylor just transformed her Insta into a shrine to her two precious cats?

Miley lost her beloved dog Floyd earlier this year, and has had a very hard time coping with his death. Her mom surprised her with a new dog, Moonie, shortly after the loss of Floyd, but Miley felt it was too soon to try to replace her beloved friend and gave the dog to a family friend. Now, the ‘Bangerz’ star is ready to open her heart up to another animal. She recently adopted a Collie she’s named Emu, and has been posting a ton of selfies of her and her new puppy, including a strange if not endearing photo of the two of them in the bath. Emu looks so soft and furry in Miley's pics, it's impossible not to want to cuddle up with the pup.

Both Olivia and Emu are precious in their own ways, but there can only be one winner of this poll! So who is the cuter pet, Olivia or Emu? Vote in the poll below!

Taylor Swift with her new kitten Olivia Benson.

Miley Cyrus with her new dog Emu.

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