Taylor Swift is known for all things adorable: from her crafts (and yes, we're including that Drake-themed needlepoint) to her cats, the word is basically synonymous with the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer. But she brings "cute and cuddly" to a whole other level with one of the sweetest cat videos the Internet has ever seen.

Posting the aw-inducing video on Instagram, Swift, clad in a floral print dress (see? adorable) shows off the sleeping style of her brand-new kitty friend, Olivia Benson.

"I'm on the plane, and this is happening," she says quietly into the camera, panning over her snoozing kitten, who is curled up on Swift's lap with her mouth slightly ajar. "I don't even … I don't even know how this is happening," the pop star laughs.

"But it's happening," T. Swift says a little more seriously. "She's a really aggressive sleeper."

If by "aggressive," she means "too cute for words," then we totally get it. Watch Taylor Swift's adorable video of Olivia Benson above!

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