On this week's (July 3) episode of 'The Glee Project,' the theme was 'Adaptability,' which is something all 'Glee' cast members must deal with week in and week out. There are set changes, cast changes, plot changes and storyline changes. You have to think, act, sing and dance on your feet, no matter what Ryan Murphy throws at you. Blind contestant Mario, who was lively and, at times, difficult, was sent home because the producers felt his acting didn't progress much, and that's a key part of the gig. He left with his head held high, saying that his blindness is last on the list of things that he "is." Amen, Mario, amen!

Theme: Adaptability. It's as simple as that. Field the curve balls on the defense and knock 'em out of the park when you are on the offensive side of the ball. Do that and you'll do well on the show.

Mentor: Kevin McHale, aka Artie Abrams of 'Glee,' knows a thing or two about rolling with the punches on the show, as his character is in a wheelchair, much like Ali of the 'Project,' so this mentor was of particular significance to her! McHale shared what life is like on the hit show, saying, "Every day is different. You show up and think it's going to be something and then it completely changes." He applied that concept to the homework assignment.

Homework Assignment: Alanis Morissette's  'You Oughta Know' is a tough song and it was made even tougher when the contestants had to sing the song solo, as opposed to performing it as a group number, which was how they had prepared. Yep, they had to adapt. On paper, it sucked for Shanna, who forgot the words, but McHale loved her improvisation. She kept going despite being lyrically challenged. He ultimately chose Aylin since she worked it and her cheery style shone through.

Music Video: It was Jessie J's 'Price Tag,' but the hopefuls were not told in advance what song they would be singing until they got to the studio. Also, they would not learn choreography until they were on set, day of. The producers really took this adaptability theme to the nth degree. The theme of the video was "rich kids vs. broke kids." Aylin, Shanna and Michael were the standouts. Blake struggled by overthinking, while Nellie is an excellent standout yet a poor groupmate. Ali is too over-the-top all of the time. Charlie does his own thing and Mario wasn't acting well. Instead of solo last chances, they dueted to improvise and learn to work with others.

Last Chance: Here is the breakdown.

Blake and Nellie sang a romantic version of 'Waiting for a Girl/Boy Like You' by Foreigner. It was an "opera" according to Murphy, who loved it but told them both to up the aggression. He felt they both have something.

Ali and Abraham sang 'Last Friday Night' by Katy Perry. It was cute but bordered on a bit too cutesy. They were also a bit out of time and synch and had word issues aka they forgot the lyrics. Ali is so animated with her face, voice and her wheels. Like a "funny Dolly Parton," so said the Murph.

Mario and Charlie sang 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me' by George Michael and Elton John. Mario is difficult and defensive, and Charlie often makes it all about me, me, me! That's why the duo ended up here. They were sweet with each other. Both are talented, but everyone at this point is, making eliminations that much trickier.

The final three were Abraham, Mario and Charlie. Abraham got lost in his song with Ali; she stole it from him. Mario can't act. Charlie is not a team player. Ultimately, Mario was sent on his way.

Here's how everyone else fared/contributed to the ep:

Michael: He done good this week.                                                                                                                                   Charlie: He tried to make it all about him in the video.
Abraham: He interests Ryan.
Ali: She is too over-the-top in the studio and the videos.
Mario: His acting just wasn't coming through on set. Yes, he got argumentative.
Shanna: She is always on top and a contender.
Aylin: Her acting gets better and better after a slow start.
Nellie: She's an introvert, but when she sings, she bursts outta the protective shell. She doesn't "pop" in a group.
Blake: The hottie and best actor of the bunch struggled with processing choreo on the quick.
Lily Mae: A quiet ep for Lil!